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FLAWS was established in Muscat, Oman and is a streetwear company where each product designed explores the connotations behind society's views of "character flaws".

The products challenge these views and promote the idea that our "flaws" are not something to be overcome, but to be embraced as facets of our individuality.

This concept is prevalent in the backward 'S' in our brand logo, which appears to be the right way around in the wearer's reflection, while the rest is reversed; we encourage them to let go of the antiquated perception of societal norms being the only "correct" notion of character, and to embrace and accept their own individuality and self-expression.


LAPSE is one of FLAWS’ launch designs. The piece is based on the idea of “expiration” which is illustrated on the sweatshirt in Arabic text that roughly translates to “expired.” The underlying message that we hope to convey is that ideologies of the past have an "expiration date" which often goes unacknowledged; that antiquated perceptions of “the norm" cannot be applied to present circumstances.

We hope that this way of thinking will encourage younger generations to develop their own ideas and to think for themselves instead of blindly following— essentially killing what is thought to be “the norm” and embracing individuality, while still maintaining respect for views that do not reflect our own ideologies.

Our LAPSE II sweatshirt is a continuation of the idea of the lapse in ideology between the current and past generations. The brain patch in the back is half colored as a symbol of the two ideologies of the past and the present melding together and enhancing each other to create something new through the basis of the old. We encourage the idea that the current generation should not entirely discard tradition and culture but build upon it to develop rather than deteriorate.


GUISE is one of FLAWS' launch designs. This design was based on the idea of remaining true to your roots in the sense of having basic moral principles and respect whilst preserving your own thoughts and ideas and moving forward. This product is a reminder to the younger generation that even though one has the right to their own ideologies, respect to the past generation is a moral value that should not be overlooked.

The shape of the eye patch represents a traditional Omani ring.

The concept behind this illustration is to encourage and support individuality and distinctiveness. We urge our consumers to accept their personalities as unique and complex entities, regardless of how flawed they may seem to others. We believe that there is an element beauty embedded within embracing what is deemed as strange or foreign and morphing it into a sense of personal expression.

Our vision for LONE, specifically the lion artwork on the front of the shirt, was brought to life through a collaboration with an amazing local artist, Widad AlHarthy (@illhueminartsy).

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